Become Expert:

To be an expert, you must first take into account some aspects of roastMe:

  • Commitment and quality is required in the assigned reviews. Thoroughly review the product, focus on the areas where the user puts the focus and show good writing.
  • When a user picks you for specific feedback as an expert, you will receive your full review price*, that you will choose..
  • Payments will be added to your balance in roastMe. You can withdraw money from $20 minimum.
  • Any misbehavior, inactivity or expulsion may imply the immediate loss of the entire balance and the corresponding penalty. Read the `Terms and Conditions` for more information.
Become a feedback hero

Become a feedback hero

How it Works?:

User or system picks you for a roast
Image step 1
You review and give feedback
Image step 2
User validate & rate your comments
Image step 3
You get paid!
Image step 4
You must first login to become an expert