About roastMe

What is a roast?

We get inspired from the comedy world, where you put in the middle and receive criticism. In the last times we saw a few of them across the Internet (for instance here). Now, we want to create a specific portal for this.

I have to pay to participate?

No. You can write a free roast and always make free comments, give feedback, recommendations, ideas, opinions, etc.

¿Who is behind roastMe?

My name is J.P. Aulet. I'm a solo maker, you can find more about me in my Twitter, Stack Overflow, Product Hunt, Indie hackers & Github or in my personal website.

I want to contribute as a user

Take care. It is called `roast`, but you should always give positive feedback. We discourage aggressive and offensive language. Is not the same: This design sucks! that: IMHO this design is very bad for X and Y. Always try to be constructive.

I can do it for free at X (twitter, indie hacker, etc.)

Yes, probably yes. But with roastMe, you are supporting a hand-made little business and you will get real expert feedback & we will work hard to get you more and better feedback. Take a try!

Want more info?

How it Works?


I want to contribute as an expert

Amazing! Write us at roastmexyz (at) gmail.com and explain a little about you, your background and expertise. We will contact you! Or you can login, complete your profile and click here: Become an Expert


  • Commitment and quality is required in the assigned reviews.
  • When a user picks you for specific feedback as an expert, you will receive your full review price*, that you will choose.
  • Payments will be added to your balance in roastMe. You can withdraw money from $20 minimum.
  • Any misbehavior, inactivity or expulsion may imply the immediate loss of the entire balance and the corresponding penalty. Read the `Terms and Conditions` for more information.
  • Reviews must be done in a week after being assigned. If no, the review will be reasigned and the expert will get one warning about being late. At 3 warnings we reserve the right to ban the expert.
  • All reviews will be reviewed by the user & from roastMe to check their quality. Roastme reserves the right to reject a low quality answer.

I will get paid for being an expert?

As an expert, you will get your specific fee (chosen by you) to write your comments.


As an expert you will be rewarded with money for each review.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes - Quality is our primary focus. Our goal is to help you get real, honest feedback fast. If you aren't happy, you can give a bad score to that expert or simply reject any expert that hasn't provided quality feedback and we'll replace or refund them.


What is a partial/complete review?

A review is a customized documentation that will be generated for each client. It will cover a wide range of assets and aspects from the product. It will test technical issues, content & visualization & more!

What will it cover?

Depending on the review type (partial or complete), you will receive a different review documentation, having:

  • SEO analysis
  • Performance report
  • Security review
  • Idea feedback
  • Market/influencers research
  • Usability review
  • Possible improvements
  • Errors list

Video Reviews

A video reviewing the product will be submitted when it is possible (webs, apps, products). The video will be focused on the product and the first interaction/contact impressions from an expert user while using it. The length of the video could be variable, from 3 min to 10min (depending on which plan the user bougth). The video will be recorded in English or Spanish, and if it is public, will be attached to the corresponding roast.

See a review example

You can download and see an example review from our own website / product here.