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User avatar Andrey Osipenko - 2018-10-24 15:18:31

DueFocus is a unique tool aimed at boosting the productivity of the development team. It allows planning the working day and identifies the most productive time intervals. Nothing will remain untracked with DueFocus. It is about systematization, synchronization, and transparency.

This high-functional productivity assistant collects comprehensive statistics on the whole team thus being of great value for both developers and project management. Secure, easy-to-use, wholesome, and feature packed - DueFocus will change your perception of the time and task tracking.

The majority of existing time-trackers are web-apps only. DueFocus has a full desktop version that's able to track time not only for browser-related activities, but also for all applications that are open on your computer. This is exactly what creates the main value for IT experts, QA engineers, designers, and literally all professionals who spend most of their working time in apps other than a web browser.

Integrated with more than 40 task-management systems like Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Zoho, GitHub, Redmine, etc โ€” DueFocus is more than just a handy tool. It boosts your efficiency and helps you smartly organize priorities.

This tool is a comprehensive time-tracking solution that unfolds numerous useful features, allowing you to:

- plan your working day

- detect the peak productivity time intervals

- review statistics on the least efficient time use

- avoid forgetting to turn the tracker on or off

- automatically log the total working time into the task manager

- take screenshots

- and many more...

Welcome to become the first to test DueFocus by Diligences, a provider of comprehensive software products and solutions for IT specialists.

To get the desktop version and learn more about DueFocus, visit

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