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User avatar cody - 2018-10-23 16:38:47

Hey! We at Edji are looking for feedback on how well our site functions, and how logical the user experience is. We are a reading collaboration and analysis web app designed for use in the K12 classroom. 

I don't want to explain too much about how we work, because that is some of the feedback I am looking for: does our site explain itself well enough.

The core functionalities I would like to see put through the wringer are:

- Commenting on our demo reading
- Creating an account and creating your own reading
- Finding a reading on our Discover feed

Website ๐Ÿ”—: https://edji.it
k12, classroom, reading
The user cody wants you to roasts his product and help him with:
We're a reading web app for the classroom! Does our site copy and onboarding explain how we work?
ยท Please post constructive feedback. Simply saying, "Nice" or "That's bad" is useless feedback. Explain why.
ยท Consider providing concrete feedback about the problem rather than the solution. Saying, "get rid of red buttons" doesn't explain the problem. Saying "your site's success message being red makes me think it's an error" provides the problem. From there, suggest solutions.
ยท Be specific. Vague feedback rarely helps.
ยท Always be respectful.