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User avatar gameswap - 2019-04-18 07:26:38

GameSwap is a platform to easily sell and buy pre-loved videogames from other individuals. It solves a problem for each buy/sell side:

- a buyer spends time scrolling through ads and need to figure out if a)compare prices, b) location is within reach and c) item is in good condition. GameSwap let people see in one list for the game and location they want, all the offers sorted by price. A buyer is also often paying a premium for purchasing pre-owned items in retail stores.

- a seller can sell his game to a retail store but usually will get an unfair amount (or credit) for it. With GameSwap, he can a) quickly benchmark his price against his competitors, b) post his offer very very quickly and just wait for sms for doing deals.

- More features to come: 1) displaying psn prices and retail stores prices (for sellers to benchmark, and buyers to wonder if it's worth their time to buy pre-owned if new/digital is almost same price). 2) providing shipping intermediation: seller sends to us, we store and ship when a buyer wants it (commission based) 3) including console and controllers products.

Revenue generation options: 1) pay to post an offer (item to sell), like $1, pay only for offers above a certain price ($10), pay only for extra services in the future (benchmarking, shipping, etc.)

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