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You Me & The Jeep

User avatar wesley.vance - 2018-10-24 00:34:04

Hi! My wife and I live work and travel the world in our Jeep Wrangler! We've been working on our blog and website for a few months now and are looking for any feedback you have on the UI, UX, speed, SEO, and overall experience on desktop and mobile! :D

The site is built using React on the frontend, Node.js on the backend with the Wordpress API serving as our CMS. We've found this setup gives us the most flexibility and performance.

Website ๐Ÿ”—:
Website, Travel, SEO, Blog, UI, UX, User Experience, User Interface, Critique
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the sites user interface and overall user experience!
ยท Please post constructive feedback. Simply saying, "Nice" or "That's bad" is useless feedback. Explain why.
ยท Consider providing concrete feedback about the problem rather than the solution. Saying, "get rid of red buttons" doesn't explain the problem. Saying "your site's success message being red makes me think it's an error" provides the problem. From there, suggest solutions.
ยท Be specific. Vague feedback rarely helps.
ยท Always be respectful.